Photo:  Lali Marte Photography

Photo:  Lali Marte Photography

Cindy makes wedding and event planning easy, and fun!


Meet Cindy Sanchez Lark, Detaille’s owner, planner, designer coordinator and stylist. She knocks every event out of the park with a fine attention to detail, luxurious sense of style, and passion for what she’s been doing for fourteen years — planning perfect events.

She does it because she loves it. She learned her profession hands-on while working at a resort on the shoreline in Connecticut. She was the wedding sales manager and coordinator, and she played a vital role in their bread-and-butter service — wedding planning. After executing many flawless events, she wanted to launch her own business and fully immerse herself in the profession, so she created Detaille.

Some of her favorite details are letterpress and embossed stationery, beautiful tablescapes, shimmery lighting, lace and lots of candles! She loves meeting people of different ethnicities, cultures, religions and with different customs. The smiles, the gratitude and the bliss she gets to witness at every event make her world turn. Her favorite moment? Fluffing a bride’s train right before she walks down the aisle.

Cindy is driven in her career and motivated by love for her children. Her dedication to family translates to her event-planning techniques, where she keeps the focus on the clients and what makes every event unique. 

She is inspired by success everywhere she sees it. Her own success includes planning hundreds of events, and one of her weddings was featured in WellWed Magazine. She also received an award from Wedding Wire. In the future, she aims to take her business to the next level and continue planning perfect, luxurious events and weddings.